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PARKUPFRONT’s advertising program only allows select advertisers on the app. In order to keep our community exclusive and to a high standard, every ad is reviewed by our team before it is published on the app. 


  1. PARKUPFRONT reserves the right at any time to decline any advertising that it feels to be inappropriate.

  2. Advertiser agrees to protect and save harmless the publisher (or ParkUpFront LLC) and its advertising representatives from any suits for libel, violation of right of privacy, plagiarism, copyright infringement, and any and all other claims in connection with the advertising referred to in this contract and assumes liability for all content of advertisements and for any claim arising there from made against Publisher.

  3. Advertising is accepted in accordance with the rates, terms and conditions set forth in the advertisement agreement and Advertiser acknowledges receipt of this agreement.

  4. First payment is required before any ad insertion, unless otherwise agreed upon with the publisher. Publisher reserves the right to hold Advertiser liable for payment due to the Publisher.

  5. Only authorized personnel for the Advertiser may execute this contract.

  6. With signing of the advertisement agreement, Advertiser agrees to have read agreed to the PARKUPFRONT Advertising Terms and Conditions.

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